Like Bobsledding, Treating Hearing Loss is a Team Effort

Like Bobsledding, Treating Hearing Loss is a Team Effort

February 9, 2014

BobsledIf you’re pay attention to Olympic news coverage, you’ve probably heard the story about the Jamaican bobsled team that qualified; something Jamaica hasn’t done since the 1980s! That got us thinking about some of the similarities between bobsledding and hearing loss. It’s very important in bobsledding that both team members completely understand each other during the race. Lack of communication, trust and respect can make the ride dangerous and unsuccessful.

When hearing loss goes untreated, it doesn’t affect just one person, it affects the team (i.e. your extended family, friends, co-workers but most commonly, your spouse). The way you handle your untreated hearing loss in regard to your partner affects how pleasant you are to each other. Untreated hearing loss may make you feel like you’re hurtling without control and no brakes and you may want to pretend everything’s all right, but that isn’t fair to your family. Being part of a team/relationship means respecting and accepting your teammate’s guidance, and whether that’s gliding down a racetrack or asking your loved one to get a hearing evaluation, it’s in the best interest of everyone to agree.

That person you love that has been advising you to get your hearing evaluated will be so happy when you regain control of your hearing and return to the wonderful person you once were. You will be able to have two-way conversations again and may even find life’s bumps are more manageable. If you’d like to be a champion in the eyes of those who love you, call or contact us through our <Contact Us> form. We’ll schedule a hearing evaluation for you – you may be surprised by what you find out!

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