What Wireless Hearing Aid Streaming Means for You

What Wireless Hearing Aid Streaming Means for You

February 4, 2014

WiFiToday it seems that many devices are somehow wirelessly connected or compatible. Hearing aids are no different in their technology capabilities. Though, with these fancy buzzwords around wireless comes a lot of confusion. In some instances, wireless refers to ‘wi-fi’ or wireless internet connection and, in other cases, is simply means there are no wires to hassle with when using.  While both are convenient offerings, how does ‘wireless’ relate to hearing aids and what benefits can it provide you or a loved one? In this blog we will answer that exact question.

The ‘wireless’ capabilities in hearing aids refers to both the streaming of sound without wires as well as wireless internet connectivity. The primary feature is the wireless streaming of audio which enables the hearing aid wearer to pair their everyday audio devices, such as cell phone, radio, TV, etc., to their hearing aids.  Basically, the audio from these devices will then transmit directly into the hearing aids for an enhanced listening experience. To experience this wireless streaming capability, simply watch this video demonstration.

These wireless hearing aids, such as our Audibel A2 and Range models, offer tremendous benefit to the active wearer who enjoys getting the most out of their devices and TV listening enjoyment. They truly are a product that you have to experience to realize the benefits of yourself. For anyone interested in a free demonstration, simply call or submit your information on our Contact Us page to request for appointment.

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