A Salute to Our Troops' Hearing

A Salute to Our Troops’ Hearing

May 1, 2014

national-military-appreciation-monthIf you weren’t aware, May is National Military Appreciation month. Our nation’s troops make so many sacrifices to serve for our country. Not only do they step into the line of fire but many leave their families, friends and home for the greater good of protecting our country. One sacrifice that many troops unfortunately make without knowing is exposure to noises damaging to their hearing. This commonly leads to premature hearing loss or persistent ringing in the ears. In fact, this condition of ringing in the ears, called tinnitus, is the highest reported condition for service veterans according to the American Tinnitus Association. In their study, the ATA found that there is an estimated 1.5 Million Veterans experience some degree of hearing loss and tinnitus today!


While many of us are not spending time next to helicopters, jet engines, weapons being fired and explosions, we are exposed to other noises such as heavy equipment, generator turbines, blenders, lawnmowers or watching the TV too loud. These loud sounds can cause lasting effects to one’s hearing over time. We salute the service of our military Veterans this May. We also want to remind everyone to be conscious of any continuous exposure to loud noises and to wear hearing protection when needed.

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