Make May a Better Hearing Month

Make May a Better Hearing Month

May 17, 2014


Hand signsEach May we celebrate new beginnings such as graduations, the return of green grass and the sounds of chirping birds. This festive month is important for another reason as well – Better Hearing Month! This May, we reflect on the importance of better hearing and how our many patients have benefitted from hearing care.

Yet for many, May is not a month of better hearing. Often we hear from the children, friends or spouses of individuals that have hearing loss difficulties, but refuse to accept and address the problem. These loved ones reach out to us and make an appointment for a free hearing consultation on behalf of a loved one. This is a loving and responsible act of caring.

The signs of hearing loss typically include difficulty comprehending speech in noisy environments, straining to hear conversations on the phone, trouble understanding people with soft voices, struggling to listen to music or television at normal volume levels as well as persistently needing others to repeat themselves. For close friends and family members, these indications are quite noticeable. As hearing loss progresses, symptoms occur more frequently and more severe changes begin to happen.

Make this May a better hearing month! Whether it is you experiencing signs of hearing loss or a loved one, take the first step today. To do so, simply call our office at (907) 451-4327 or submit your information on our Contact Us page to schedule your free hearing consultation.

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