The Sweet Sounds of Spring

The Sweet Sounds of Spring

May 6, 2014

SpringSpring has finally arrived and with the new season comes a sense of rejuvenation and joy to get back outside! Spring means new sounds to cherish such as birds chirping, children playing and families spending time outdoors.  Yet for many, some sounds that accompany these get-togethers go unheard. For anyone with untreated hearing loss, the ability to hear high frequency sounds like birds’ singing is commonly one of the first things to go.

However there is good news and it starts with a complimentary hearing screening and consultation. As a hearing professional, we can determine if you have a hearing loss and what sounds you’re not fully hearing. If we determine that you have a hearing loss, affordable hearing aid solutions are available so you can hear soft and subtle sounds again.

Today’s hearing aids are easily programmed to amplify missed sounds and personalized for your specific hearing loss. By seeking a free hearing screening, we can help you re-engage with all those fun family gatherings so you’re not missing one moment.  To get started, simply give us a call or submit your information on our Contact Us page.

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