The Joy of Outdoor Summer Activities

The Joy of Outdoor Summer Activities

June 27, 2014

Walking on BeachSummer has arrived! Even though it is wet and rainy right now, pretty soon our warm summery days will return. When they do, nothing feels better than heading to your closest lake or pool. Whether you are catching some sun, fishing, boating, or merely splashing around it gives us all the opportunity to act like kids again. The water, for some, gives a sense of freedom. The endless view of the ocean or the feeling of weightlessness when you float in a pool can give you a sense of liberation.


In addition to activities by the water, we also enjoy all the wonderful and diverse sounds that water brings. It could be the giggles of children playing in the pool, the gentle and rhythmic sound of the ocean rolling onto the beach or the gentle breeze of the wind coming off the water. Time spent by the water is visually beautiful but the accompanying sounds bring it to life and bring us back to a simpler time. A time when your biggest problem was to make sure your sandcastle didn’t get destroyed by crashing waves and a big ice cream cone could put a smile on your face for a week.


To make sure you’re enjoying all the sounds that summer provides, schedule a hearing evaluation today. Our hearing healthcare professionals will check your hearing, make sure you don’t have sand in your ears and determine a solution for your unique hearing challenges. To get started, give us a call or submit your information on our contact us page. After you do that, turn off the computer and enjoy the summer!

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