Why Real Men Wear Hearing Aids

Why Real Men Wear Hearing Aids

June 14, 2014

Manly man“Wearing hearing aids is not something men want to do,” is a statement all too often overheard from middle-aged men that don’t feel hearing aids fit with their image and lifestyle. Whether this concern is the result of denial or pride, ironically it is said by men who may benefit the most from hearing aids.

My grandfather was one of those men resistant to wearing hearing aids. “Real men don’t wear hearing aids,” is something he told me after I offered to help him find a local hearing care professional. While I knew that statement was more directed to the thoughts of his VFW buddies, I know he overstated himself to put an end to the nagging from many people. What he and all of our caring family members didn’t know is that stage of hearing loss was the most important time for him to seek a hearing aid solution.

Twenty years later, my grandfather eagerly wears his hearing aids to stay a part of the conversations with my grandmother, our family and his friends. It’s sad to say his attempt to hear is rather futile because his hearing seems to be too far-gone. His years of untreated hearing loss have limited his ability to regain hearing. I often see his frustration and disappointment when he misses out on cherished moments and makes others work hard to communicate with him, including his wife. I know, without him needing to say it, that he wishes he could undo his past statement and choose to get hearing aids earlier on.

If you are experiencing hearing loss, don’t put off seeking treatment. The pride you have today can result in regret later on, just like with my grandfather. And if you are getting push back from a loved one with hearing loss, don’t relent. As you can see from my grandfather’s experience, you will be doing them an injustice by enabling them to live with untreated hearing loss that only worsens with time. Call your local Audibel office or submit your information on their Contact Us page to schedule a complimentary hearing consultation.

Guest blog by Todd H.

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