Eliminating Hearing Aid Whistling

Eliminating Hearing Aid Whistling

December 15, 2014

FeedbackSometimes we jokingly say to new patients that today’s hearing aid technology, ‘Isn’t like your grandparent’s hearing aids.’ Yet, this couldn’t be truer since many of the reasons that caused people to dislike wearing hearing aids have now been remedied. One of thechief complaints was feedback; the screeching or whistling some hearing aids can emit.

Most of us can remember those times at family gatherings where the silence was interrupted by a high-pitched mechanical whining. Everyone seemed to stop at the same moment to cringe and see a parent or grandparent happily eating, hardly aware of the terrible sound. Critical advances in computer technology allow the hearing aids from Northland Hearing to virtually eliminate feedback occurrences.

Feedback management technology is in all of our electronic hearing devices. It’s called WhistleFree Feedback Cancellation3 and stops feedback sounds within fractions of a second before they occur. With feedback gone, patients are freed from the fear of unexpected, irritating whistling and interrupted precious moments.

To learn more about this state of the art technology or even try it for yourself with an office demonstration, simply contact our office by submitting your information on the Contact Us page or call our office during business hours. We’ll be glad to show you this feedback management feature. 

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