Modern Hearing Instruments are like a Computer for Your Ears

Modern Hearing Instruments are like a Computer for Your Ears

February 8, 2015

Hearing Aid LineupOften we jokingly say, “These aren’t your grandfather’s hearing aids,” but nothing could be truer. Today’s hearing instrument technology is truly a marvel in sophistication and design. Digital hearing aids encompass much more than a simple microphone and receiver. In fact, a microchip circuit board with 4 mb storage allows a wide range of features, programs and settings to function simultaneously and tailor to the individual’s unique hearing needs. In this blog we will explore what makes up a hearing instrument and its many capabilities.

Don’t let size fool you! Whether a larger on-the-ear device or a miniature in-the-canal device, all of today’s hearing aids are packaged with several complex components to produce the most comfortable sound amplification possible. There are five main parts to hearing aid technology. The microphone is the primary component that picks up sounds and determines the environmental settings. From there, the sound is transmitted to the circuit board for processing. This component is essentially the ‘brains’ of the hearing aid, just like the processor in a computer or mobile device. Once the sound is processed, it is emitted to the wearer via the receiver; amplifying the sound based on the listener’s unique hearing loss needs.

The antenna is an increasingly important component. As hearing aid technology continues to explore the ability to sync with media devices and smartphones, the hearing aid antenna is the primary component that picks up those streaming signals. Lastly, the battery supplies the energy needed to continuously power all of these parts for optimal performance.

As you can see, today’s hearing aids are truly ‘computers for your ears.’ We encourage anyone to participate in our hearing aid trial programs, whether you’re considering using hearing aid technology for the first time or upgrading an older pair of devices. Simply submit your information on our Contact Us page or call our office 9 AM to 6 PM, Monday through Friday at (907) 451-4327. We look forward to showing you more about this sophisticated technology!

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