What's the Value of Better Hearing?

What’s the Value of Better Hearing?

March 9, 2015

Scale-BalanceWhat is the best value for hearing aids?” “Do I really need to spend thousands of dollars?” Time and again, the topic we commonly get asked from prospective patients is about pricing. The topic of pricing is tricky to answer since there is no one recommendation for everyone and what is being purchased is not simply a device. If the process were as simple as purchasing a television or laptop, then it would be a very simple one-time transaction. Hearing aid pricing is completely determined by each patient’s unique hearing loss and his or her lifestyle needs. The service needed is ongoing, the care for changes in hearing necessary, and the fine-tuning of sound levels over time is crucial. All of this takes time, follow up visits, expertise, equipment and testing.

Patients will sometimes ask about the “sound amplifiers” sold in catalogs or online. Personal sound amplification products, PSAPs, say they offer a self-service solution for gaining basic sound amplification for a consumer who wants to hear more clearly. The greatest appeal for PSAPs is their inexpensiveness since they usually retail around a few hundred dollars per device. However, there is a lot of debate about whether these affordable PSAPs are a good value compared to the hearing aid technology provided by a hearing professional. This debate increased after The Wall Street Journal published an article last June examining these two hearing amplification options titled, “Pros and Cons of Inexpensive Hearing Aids Called PSAPs.” They highlight the concerns of purchasing a PSAP over seeking hearing aid devices from a licensed hearing professional and encourage caution for consumers when evaluating PSAP device options. For the most part, patients of ours who have tried PSAP devices have been thoroughly dissatisfied with them.

We understand the initial overwhelming feeling of determining which hearing device or level of technology is the best value. However, we strongly desire to help you identify what are your hearing loss needs and the type of hearing aids that will help you hear day-to-day. To schedule a free consultation for you or for a loved one, simply submit your information through our Contact Us page or call our office during business hours. Bringing you better hearing is our number one goal, so we look forward to helping you find the best value for your hearing care.

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