The Importance of Proper Fit for Your Hearing Aids in Fairbanks, AK

The Importance of Proper Fit for Your Hearing Aids in Fairbanks, AK

December 5, 2018

Issues with your hearing can affect every aspect of your life and may prevent you from doing the things you love, performing effectively at work or enjoying social situations. The good news is that hearing aids can help address these issues and improve your ability to hear conversation, phone calls and the world around you. However, hearing aids don’t always work as effectively as they should as a result of improper fit. There are a number of reasons why it’s so important to get your hearing aids in Fairbanks, AK fitted properly.

Hearing aid fit issues

Hearing aid fit issues can occur for a number of reasons. Fit issues are especially common among people who are using hearing aids for the first time, but they can also arise as a result of ear shape changes during the aging process and after weight loss. There are several key signs that indicate hearing aid fit issues:

  • Excessive volume: Your hearing aids are designed to amplify sound, but they shouldn’t be so loud that they hurt your ears or make it difficult for you to hear things. In many cases, people with hearing aids that aren’t fitted properly might notice that their own voices sound too loud. If this is the case, the problem is probably that your ear mold is too big, or that it’s not positioned properly in your ear.
  • Whistling noises: Whistling noises are a type of feedback that can be caused when hearing aids shift or move around in the ear. Typically, this issue is resolved with the attachment of a canal lock onto the hearing aids. This is a small piece of equipment that anchors the hearing aid in place to prevent whistling noises.
  • Muffled noises: You might have experienced the muffled sound of your own voice when you’re sick or your sinuses are irritated, but this issue can also come up as a result of improper hearing aid fit. This muffled sound is known as the occlusion effect, and it can be solved with changes to the fit of your ear molds. Usually, a professional will fix this problem by trimming down your ear molds to fit your ears better.

Resolving fit issues

Almost any fit issue can be fixed quickly and easily by a professional who specializes in working with hearing aids in Fairbanks, AK. If a professional fitting doesn’t resolve your hearing aid issues, it’s possible that your current hearing aids are simply wearing out or just aren’t the right option for your specific needs. Regardless, an appointment with a professional is the best way to improve the performance and fit of your hearing aids.

Shop for hearing aids in Fairbanks, AK

If you’re experiencing problems with your hearing aids and you need professional assistance, reach out to Northland Hearing Services, Inc. Our offices have been providing clients since 1991 with comprehensive hearing services, including hearing testing and diagnosis, product recommendations, custom hearing aid fitting and repair and maintenance services. Regardless of what your specific needs may be, we would love to assist you. Give us a call today to find out more about what we have to offer or to schedule an appointment.

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