2018 Brought Many Advancements for Hearing Aids in Fairbanks, AK

2018 Brought Many Advancements for Hearing Aids in Fairbanks, AK

January 1, 2019

From improvements in self-driving car technology to the discovery of a warm-blooded fish, we saw a lot of scientific changes, surprises and advancements in 2018. One field that didn’t get a lot of news coverage, though, is breakthrough developments in hearing aids. As one of the top providers of hearing aids in Fairbanks, AK, we’re here to catch you up on everything you may have missed over the past several months. Keep reading to learn about some of the great changes in this field!

Noise cancellation

Hearing aids obviously help ensure that users can hear what’s going on around them. For many years, though, users have been able to hear everything at the same volume. That means you’d hear your dinner conversation at the same level as you’d hear the background noise in the restaurant. It’s nice to be able to hear what your friend is saying, but it’s not ideal to also hear what the table behind you is ordering! Noise cancellation technology has helped eliminate that situation by allowing users to focus on just what they want to hear, not everything that’s going on in the room.

Wind reduction

Most of us would agree that hearing the wind rustling every now and then is pretty pleasant—it’s a nice reminder that you’re outside getting some fresh air! But imagine only hearing the wind and not much else when you’re outdoors. That’s what many people with hearing aids in Fairbanks, AK have lived with, day in and day out. Thanks to wind reduction technology, however, those days are in the past. New hearing aid models block out the majority of blowing breeze, so all users are left with is the peace and quiet of the outdoors.

Moisture resistance

Sweat and water used to pose a big problem for hearing aids. Any type of liquid could cause the devices to malfunction, leaving users in dead silence until they could be repaired. Luckily, that’s not always the case anymore. Newer models are water resistant or even waterproof, meaning users can fully submerge themselves in water while they’re wearing their hearing aids. Sometimes, it’s the little things like being able to take a shower and hear at the same time that really make you appreciate waterproof technology!

Bluetooth connectivity

What comes to mind when you think of Bluetooth-enabled devices? Probably smartphones, computers and speakers, right? That’s okay—seamlessly connecting our electronics was what Bluetooth technology was originally intended for. But now, thanks to Bluetooth technology advancements, hearing aid users can stream songs, audiobooks and any other type of media from their electronic devices right to their hearing aids. It’s like hearing aid users have a personal sound system with them at all times!

Now that you know how far hearing aids in Fairbanks, AK have come in the past year, is it time to have yours inspected and replaced? Visit Northland Hearing Services, Inc. today to find out! We sell the highest-quality hearing aids that are guaranteed to perform for years to come.

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