Repeat After Us: Hearing Loss Is Treatable!

Repeat After Us: Hearing Loss Is Treatable!

February 19, 2019

Living with hearing difficulties is frustrating. You find yourself saying “What?” and “Can you repeat that?” so many times a day you lose count, while your eyes communicate your confusion and lack of comprehension. Even your family and friends sound like broken records—but you can’t hear this! For example, you may be out at a restaurant with friends and your significant other says to the group, “Everything takes twice as long with him because he refuses to get hearing aids,” only to then have to repeat it to you, but louder.

If this scenario rings true, it’s time to schedule a hearing test in Fairbanks, AK. Here’s a brief overview of how a doctor tests to diagnose hearing loss, and available treatments.

Hearing loss diagnosis

There are a number of tests available to diagnose hearing loss. Here are a few:

  • A physical exam: Your doctor’s first stop will be in your ears. They will be looking for possible causes of your hearing loss, like inflammation, earwax buildup or structural issues.
  • A general screening test: One common type of hearing test in Fairbanks, AK is called the whisper test. You’ll be asked to cover one ear at a time while words are spoken or played in the direction of the uncovered ear at a range of volumes. It also tests how you respond to other sounds.
  • An audiometer test: An audiologist may perform this more thorough test. You wear earphones and words and sounds are played into each ear. Each tone repeats at varying levels to pinpoint the quietest sound you can hear.
  • A tuning fork test: This simple test can help your doctor quickly identify hearing loss. This two-pronged, metal instrument makes sounds when tapped; this evaluation may be able to find where the damage is located in your ear(s).

Treatment for hearing loss

Hearing loss is a treatable condition, but you must seek help from a professional. Let’s take a look at some of your available treatment options:

  • Removing wax: If earwax blockage is the problem, then your hearing loss is reversible. A doctor can remove earwax safely and quickly.
  • Hearing aids: Damage to the inner ear can cause varying degrees of hearing loss. This is where hearing aids come into the picture. Your audiologist will sit down with you to discuss the benefits of wearing a hearing device, and can even do a same-day fitting.
  • Surgery: Hearing loss due to structural abnormalities of the ear drum or bones can be treated with surgery. Patients who experience repeated infections with constant fluid in the ear get small tubes inserted to help with drainage.

Are you acting as the translator? If you’re close to someone with hearing loss, you know what we are talking about. If you are the person with the hearing loss, then this should feel familiar, too. Asking people to repeat themselves is frustrating for you, but equally as frustrating for the people being asked. It’s time to put an end to that frustration.

Hearing loss is a very treatable health condition, so call Northland Hearing Services, Inc. and book a comprehensive hearing test in Fairbanks, AK today!

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