Can Treating Hearing Loss Help Prevent Dementia?

Can Treating Hearing Loss Help Prevent Dementia?

March 9, 2019

Millions of people around the world suffer from declined mental cognition due to conditions like dementia. These conditions are most common in older adults and do not always have a direct cause. However, recent studies are showing a growing link between dementia and another common age-related problem: hearing loss.

Because of this link, many are inquiring about whether utilizing services from a hearing aid clinic in Fairbanks, AK and treating hearing loss can reduce the risk that an individual has for developing dementia. But are the two really that closely related, and can you actually prevent dementia through the use of hearing aids? Read on to learn more.

The link between hearing loss and dementia

The ways in which hearing loss affects brain health may not be immediately apparent to you, but studies over the past few years have highlighted the many ways impaired hearing might affect the brain and its ability to function properly.

First and foremost, according to Frank Lin, MD, PhD, of Johns Hopkins University, hampered hearing may add to the cognitive load of the brain, forcing it to work harder to understand things. Additionally, some areas of the brain may decline when they are not being used because signals that would be for hearing are not being sent. Hearing loss can also be linked with social isolation and depression, both of which affect the brain’s chemistry and have previously been linked to an increased risk of dementia.

It’s important to note that hearing loss will not always lead to dementia, but it does put you at a higher risk for it down the road. Similarly, people with great hearing may still develop cognitive problems as they age.

Using hearing aids can reduce your risk of dementia

Some studies have shown that treating hearing loss, particularly during your mid-life (around ages 40 to 65), may help prevent dementia later and improve cognitive function. This is because dementia begins manifesting during this time of life, even though symptoms may not appear until you’re much older. Other studies conducted in France showed that participants using hearing aids had eliminated their increased risk of dementia, compared to individuals who had hearing loss and did not receive treatment.

Although it has not been absolutely proven that the use of hearing aids can reduce the risk of dementia, experts believe that the link between the two is strong. For this reason, people who are experiencing trouble with their hearing should visit a hearing aid clinic in Fairbanks, AK to get a hearing test and be fitted for hearing aids. The ability to hear clearly can not only help reduce the risk of cognitive decline, but it can provide you with a greater sense of community, improved communication and a happier lifestyle overall.

Take control of your hearing and cognitive health today

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