Is Getting Hearing Aids on Your Honey-Do List?

Is Getting Hearing Aids on Your Honey-Do List?

March 5, 2019

There are many benefits to seeking treatment for hearing loss—better hearing, improved communication, a boost in confidence and reduced risk of cognitive decline, to name just a few. If hearing aids can help people with hearing loss hear better, then why not give them a try? Keep in mind that it’s not only you who will reap the benefits. Friends and family get to enjoy the benefits of their loved one wearing hearing aids, too! (Think closer relationships, less worry and increased ability to participate in social situations.)

Here are five benefits of wearing hearing aid devices in Fairbanks, AK:

  • Slow cognitive decline: Many people are not aware of the correlation between hearing loss and brain function. In fact, the auditory system and the brain are closely related. Several studies have connected hearing loss with cognitive decline in older adults. Other studies show that some individuals with hearing loss may have a higher risk of developing cognitive issues than folks with normal hearing. Ultimately, wearing hearing aid devices may counteract the damaging effects hearing loss has on the brain.
  • Improve job performance: The inability to hear well can negatively affect your performance at work. Hearing loss leads to mishearing your boss or coworkers, and can even contribute to lack of job advancement. And things will only get worse if you don’t seek treatment for your particular type of hearing loss. With hearing aids, your job performance will improve and you’ll steer clear of the unemployment trap.
  • Relieve tinnitus symptoms: Do you frequently hear a humming, buzzing, ringing or other similar sensation in one or both ears? You may be suffering from a condition called tinnitus. The scary thing about these sounds is that they are caused inside the ear, not by sound coming from an external source. While millions of people experience tinnitus at least once in their life, this can be a sign of a more serious auditory system issue for those who have chronic tinnitus. Have a doctor test your hearing and possibly fit you with hearing aids before this condition has a chance to interfere with your life, job and relationships.
  • Enjoy social situations: A major downside of hearing loss is social isolation. Experiencing hearing loss can be stressful and embarrassing, especially if you’re struggling to hear and communicate with others all the time. Don’t be afraid to ask for help—contact your doctor to learn about your treatment options, such as hearing aids.
  • Better quality of life: Hearing loss can affect all areas of a person’s life, both mentally and physically. Living can be especially hard when you’ve gone most of your life hearing just fine. If you are slowly losing your hearing, reach out to your loved ones and trusted medical professionals for help. Wearing hearing aids can seriously improve your quality of life and help you get back to your normal daily routine.

Do you want to learn more about hearing tests and hearing aid devices in Fairbanks, AK? Please do not hesitate to contact the compassionate team at Northland Hearing Services, Inc. We are here to help!

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