Understanding the Symptoms of Hearing Loss

Understanding the Symptoms of Hearing Loss

May 17, 2019

Hearing loss can happen so gradually, we may not realize it’s happening until friends or family point it out to us. When that happens, it can be scary, but being informed and educated about hearing loss and your risk factors can help you understand the steps you can take to limit your risk and care for your ears. You can also take a free hearing test in Fairbanks, AK to assess your level of hearing loss.

Symptoms of hearing loss

If your hearing loss has occurred gradually, you may not be sure if you hear less well than you used to. Consider the following symptoms: muffled speech or other sounds, trouble hearing consonants, needing to turn up the volume of the television or radio louder than you used to, difficulty understanding words (especially when there’s background noise) or frequently asking others to speak more clearly or loudly.

If your hearing loss has been present for some time, you may find that you have been withdrawing from conversations or avoiding social settings altogether. Talk to your doctor if you are questioning your hearing capabilities and seek a hearing test in Fairbanks, AK.

Risk factors

You may want to consider the risk factors you’re exposed to if you’re worried about hearing loss or worsening hearing loss. Many noises, illnesses, medication and mere aging can impact are hearing.

Consider the following risk factors and how they apply to your life:

  • Loud noises: Long-term exposure to loud noises or even short-term exposure to very damaging noises, such as firearms or jet engines, can permanently damage the cells of your inner ear. If you have a job where you’re regularly exposed to loud noises, such as construction or factory work, you have a higher risk of developing hearing loss, and you may want to schedule a free hearing test in Fairbanks, AK.
  • Aging: Even if you aren’t regularly exposed to loud noises, aging impacts your hearing. Degeneration of inner ear structures occurs over time, resulting in hearing loss. It happens to us all!
  • Illnesses: Some illnesses can impact hearing, such as meningitis or other illnesses that cause of very high fever, which can damage the cochlea.
  • Medications: If you’re experiencing hearing loss, you may want to take a look at your medications. Chemotherapy, sildenafil, and the antibiotic gentamicin can all damage the inner ear. Plus, high doses of aspirin or other pain relievers might cause temporary tinnitus or hearing loss.
  • Heredity: Genes do play a role in hearing loss. Some of us are more susceptible to ear damage from sound or deterioration from aging.

If you’re concerned about your hearing loss, schedule a free hearing test in Fairbanks, AK to assess your hearing capabilities and receive treatment so you can start enjoying life to the fullest again.

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