Important Hearing Aid Cleaning Tips in Fairbanks, AK

Important Hearing Aid Cleaning Tips in Fairbanks, AK

October 29, 2019

One of the best ways to keep your hearing aids in good working condition and to maximize their expected lifespan is to keep them clean. This basic maintenance will go a long way toward maintaining long-lasting quality performance from your hearing aids, which is important considering the financial investment you put into them.

Any set of hearing aids you purchase will come with a manual that will include not just information about settings and usage, but also some useful hearing aid cleaning tips in Fairbanks, AK. It is also a good idea to talk to your hearing aid provider or audiologist about the proper methods for cleaning your hearing aids. Hearing aids are extremely sensitive instruments, so it’s important that you never use any improper cleaning methods—stick to the instructions to avoid accidentally damaging them.

More thorough cleanings can be performed at your checkups every six months or so, but if you tend to have problems with wax buildup in your ears, more frequent professional cleanings may be necessary.

Cleaning your hearing aids

To clean your hearing aids, the tools you’ll need include a wax removal brush, a soft, dry cloth, a wax pick or wire loop and a vent cleaner. You can get all of these items online or from your hearing aid provider. Make sure you never get water on your hearing aids, and that you never use any chemical solutions or wipes not designed for hearing aid use. Avoid pushing wax or debris too far into the device.

There are some cleaning steps you should perform every day, and others that you only need to do once a week.

Each morning, before you put in your hearing aid, you should brush off the microphone cover to remove any wax or dirt, and then wipe over the entire hearing aid with a soft cloth.

Once a week or so, you should focus on some slightly more in-depth cleaning tasks. Use the pick or wire loop to remove any wax buildup that doesn’t easily come off with a rag—just make sure not to use the pick around the microphone or receiver ports. If there is a wax guard on your hearing aid, you should also regularly check it and replace it as necessary.

Any time you’re cleaning your hearing aid, make sure you turn it upside down—this will ensure any debris you dislodge from the device will fall down and out, rather than farther into the hearing aid. Whenever you change the battery, you should brush out the battery compartment. It can also be a good idea to keep the battery compartment open at night to extend the battery’s life. This also gives the compartment a chance to air out a bit after a long day of usage.

For more hearing aid cleaning tips in Fairbanks, AK, we encourage you to contact the team of hearing aid specialists at Northland Hearing Services, Inc. today. We’d be happy to assist you in keeping your devices clean and in good condition!

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