Signs Your Hearing Aids Need Repair

Signs Your Hearing Aids Need Repair

November 12, 2019

Malfunctioning hearing aids, or hearing aids that no longer function at the same level they once did, can be more than just an inconvenience for people who rely on them—they can be damaging to their ability to function in their everyday lives.

There are a variety of issues that can cause hearing aids to start malfunctioning. It is important, if you start to notice the signs of hearing aid malfunctions, that you schedule an appointment with your hearing aid provider as soon as possible to get them looked at and repaired.

Here are a few examples of some of the signs you should watch for that indicate you need to get hearing aid repair in Fairbanks, AK:

  • Physical issues: If you see any parts of your hearing aids that are worn out or broken, you’ll need to get them repaired as soon as you can to prevent or resolve performance issues. Some common examples of physical defects include worn-out tubing, cracks in the shells or broken cases or hearing aid bodies. The earlier you can get these issues repaired, the better you’ll do at avoiding even more significant expenses later on.
  • Fluctuations in volume: You should be able to easily adjust your hearing aid to a comfortable volume that allows you to hear. However, if you find that it is difficult to make these adjustments or that the audio levels regularly fluctuate in volume, this is a problem you should have your hearing aid specialist look at and resolve.
  • Hearing continuing to get worse: A hearing aid that is in ideal working condition should provide you with consistent results that improve your hearing. If, however, you notice your hearing only seems to be getting worse, then the device may need to be reprogrammed to make sure it fits your needs in a wide range of listening environments. This may also simply be an indication that you need to try a different model of hearing aid.
  • Strange noises: If you hear any strange noises, such as whistling or other sounds, this could be a sign of an earpiece that has been fitted incorrectly, or a buildup of wax in your ears. Whistling sounds should prompt you to remove the device and clean your ears. If that doesn’t resolve the issue, the problem may lie with your device, in which case you should bring it in to your next appointment with your hearing aid specialist.
  • Dead device: If the device has stopped working entirely, then obviously there is something wrong with it that your audiologist will need to look at. Just because the device isn’t working doesn’t mean it’s completely dead and need to be replaced—the problem could be something as simple as a dead battery. Earwax blockages in the device could also cause it to temporarily stop working.

For more information about the telltale signs of needing hearing aid repair in Fairbanks, AK, we encourage you to contact Northland Hearing Services, Inc. today. We look forward to assisting you soon.

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