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Find Tinnitus Relief in 2015

February 8, 2015

Every year more than 50 million Americans experience persistent ringing or noises in the ears, with many experiencing it both day and night. This condition, called tinnitus, is even more common than hearing loss, and 85% of the time people that suffer from loss of hearing also experience some degree of this “ear noise”. Historically this condition has had very... View Article

Modern Hearing Instruments are like a Computer for Your Ears

February 8, 2015

Often we jokingly say, “These aren’t your grandfather’s hearing aids,” but nothing could be truer. Today’s hearing instrument technology is truly a marvel in sophistication and design. Digital hearing aids encompass much more than a simple microphone and receiver. In fact, a microchip circuit board with 4 mb storage allows a wide range of features, programs and settings to function... View Article

Avoiding Cotton Swabs – for Your Ears’ Sake

December 16, 2014

Most people are surprised to hear that we don’t recommend the use of cotton swabs to clean their ears. In fact, we recommend the opposite – to not use them at all, for many important reasons. One important reason is that earwax is a good substance. That’s right, it’s good. Not only is earwax good to have, it can also... View Article

Eliminating Hearing Aid Whistling

December 15, 2014

Sometimes we jokingly say to new patients that today’s hearing aid technology, ‘Isn’t like your grandparent’s hearing aids.’ Yet, this couldn’t be truer since many of the reasons that caused people to dislike wearing hearing aids have now been remedied. One of thechief complaints was feedback; the screeching or whistling some hearing aids can emit. Most of us can remember... View Article

Hearing Aid Remote Control Options

September 17, 2014

We sometimes hear from patients that they have a tough time operating the small buttons on their digital hearing aids. We understand that it can be a real frustration. Fortunately, we have a couple of options that will make it easier for you to personally program and have success with your hearing devices. While it’s exciting that hearing instruments have... View Article