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Like Bobsledding, Treating Hearing Loss is a Team Effort

February 9, 2014

If you’re pay attention to Olympic news coverage, you’ve probably heard the story about the Jamaican bobsled team that qualified; something Jamaica hasn’t done since the 1980s! That got us thinking about some of the similarities between bobsledding and hearing loss. It’s very important in bobsledding that both team members completely understand each other during the race. Lack of communication, trust and respect can make the ride dangerous and unsuccessful. When hearing loss goes untreated, it doesn’t affect just one person, it affects the team (i.e. your extended... View Article

What Wireless Hearing Aid Streaming Means for You

February 4, 2014

Today it seems that many devices are somehow wirelessly connected or compatible. Hearing aids are no different in their technology capabilities. Though, with these fancy buzzwords around wireless comes a lot of confusion. In some instances, wireless refers to ‘wi-fi’ or wireless internet connection and, in other cases, is simply means there are no wires to hassle with when using. ... View Article