Hearing Aid Adjustment in Fairbanks, AK

Electronic hearing devices are complex pieces of machinery that require advanced software to operate correctly. That’s why it’s imperative that you rely on a professional to adjust your hearing aids when they’re in need of attention.

Northland Hearing Services, Inc. is a trusted provider of hearing aid adjustments in Fairbanks, AK. We use specialized proprietary software provided by hearing aid manufacturers to adjust hearing aids. Our precision computers allow us to calibrate your device properly, ensuring a comfortable, natural listening experience.

When to Adjust Hearing Aids

There are a number of signs that your hearing aid may need to be professionally adjusted. Here are just some of the ways that you can determine whether your hearing aids need adjusting assistance:
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  • Whistling sounds:
    If you’re hearing whistling sounds directly into your ear, even just intermittently, it could indicate a need for professional calibration and adjustment.
  • Volume fluctuations:
    Hearing aids in need of calibration and adjustment may have trouble automatically adjusting to volume differences. This could sound like fluctuations in your ear.
  • Additional hearing loss:
    If you’re struggling to hear, even with the assistance of your device, your hearing may not be deteriorating. It could just be that your device is in need of adjustment.
Sometimes, you may be experiencing these symptoms because of a poor hearing aid fit; that’s why we also offer hearing aid fitting in Fairbanks, AK. Be sure to ask one of our representatives if it appears that your hearing aid needs to be re-fitted to fit your ears. These symptoms could also indicate a low or failing battery.

Adjust Your Hearing Device

If you believe that your hearing aid needs professional adjustment, cleaning or repair, contact one of the friendly, knowledgeable hearing aid experts at Northland Hearing Services, Inc. today.

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