History of Northland Hearing Services, Inc.

Maria Clark hearing specialist

Since 1991, our business has been serving the people of Fairbanks Alaska and surrounding areas. In 2001, Maria took over ownership and became the primary practitioner of the business. We have been in our current location since 2003. Over the past 27 years our company has fit thousands of custom hearing devices in the Interior Alaska region. Through continual training and years of hands on experience we are honored to be the state’s best source of the worlds first and most advanced invisible custom hearing solution.

Looking back, we can attribute our success to the care we provide and the trust we share with our patients. We believe in one main philosophy. We sincerely believe in the worth of every person that walks into our office. Everyone’s journey through life is unique and that should be reflected in the care they receive. Anytime someone walks into our office, it’s our goal to have that person leave feeling valued and confident in their newfound lease on life. We have a solution for every hearing situation that can be experienced.

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2018 has been an exciting year for hearing aid technology.

Revolutionary advancement has emerged in our hearing systems and we are ready to embrace this exciting time in our industry. Our sophisticated sound management system is not found outside of what we fit our patients with. Better technology amounts to better preservation of cognitive ability.

Let us show you how much better life can be.