Hearing Services in Fairbanks, AK

Hearing Evaluation

This includes a basic audiogram (air conduction and bone conduction), basic speech audiometry (speech discrimination, speech reception threshold, MCL and UCL) and tympanogram. If a hearing loss is apparent, we will recommend a solution.

Video Otoscopy

See the inside of your ear canal live, on a large color monitor! This is also performed prior to a hearing evaluation to check for the presence of drainage from infection, ear wax blockage, or a foreign body, in the ear canal.

Hearing Aid Sales

We provide premium digital hearing aids, with an emphasis on custom-made digital hearing aids that are engineered and manufactured in the United States by an American company. Our flagship product is the Invisibel2 Invisible-In-Canal hearing aid from Audibel Hearing Technologies in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. We have accounts with 5 major hearing aid manufacturers and are willing to work with specific needs fulfilled by the expertise of these excellent manufacturers.

hearing aid sales

Hearing Protection

Counseling on hearing protection solutions is essential to a successful hearing care program. There are a wide variety of custom-made hearing protection options now available, from the extremely discreet silicone Sleeping Earplug to the extremely effective Solid Earplug. Non-electronic acoustic filtration is available, allowing you to hear voices and music at a decrease volume without a battery! Miniature electronic hearing protection has also leapt forward, advancing to highly adaptive circuits able to operate in many noisy environments and capable of amazing automatic adaptation; available in several-sizes-fit-most and 100% custom-made versions.

Music Monitors – Listening Carefully

The time of the audiophile is upon us. Music and video production have become easy beyond belief, giving our society access to more varieties of media than ever before. Now it is even more important to “listen carefully”. We offer custom headphones and professional musician’s monitors that boast attenuation values of up to 26 dB HL! These amazing small and superbly clear audio devices can help you block the sounds of your environment, giving you the freedom to listen to your music as clearly as you desire – and at a safe volume level.

Hearing Aid Adjustment

We program digital hearing instruments using advanced manufacturer provided software. When scheduling your appointment, ask if we have the software for your brand of hearing instrument.

Professional Hearing Aid Cleaning

Hearing instruments need to be cleaned daily, but sometimes the wax or debris accumulates to a point or in a location that is impossible for the user to clean out on their own. Sometimes a hearing instrument doesn’t need to be repaired, simply professionally cleaned.

Hearing Aid Repair (charges may apply)

We can send all makes and models to be repaired at the manufacturer, if under warranty. If not under warranty, we will send hearing aids needing repair to the All Make Repair Lab, an arm of Starkey Laboratories, in Minneapolis , MN . A staff member can give you an estimate of the cost for repair.

Earmold Repair/Tube Replacement (charges may apply)

In our modification lab, we can trim earmolds or add more material, as needed; this of course depends on the type of earmold material. We can also replace earmold tubing.


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